History of the estate

Reliving history and its protagonists

As in the best tradition of the gold miners in the legendary American West , Moscatello entered into the life of the Marchi family at the end of the 1800s as wild, unexplored territory intended for the extraction of a valuable mineral, pyrites, an important element in those times for the modernization of the entire nation. The story of Moscatello is one which has evolved together with its protagonists. Although the pyrites was never found, the creativity, hard work and international spirit of Carlo Marchi in the 1960s turned this unexplored countryside into a place for the imagination. His wish was to create a place – an enormous “toyland” – where all the dreams of his three sons, Ferruccio, Filippo and Federico could come true.

Thus we find a lake for sailing competitions, horse riding stables, a tennis court and a private golf course, the only one of its kind in Italy. To enrich the enchanted world of Carlo Marchi and his wife Gioia Falck, guests came from all parts of the world: leading entrepreneurs, artists, intellectuals, photographers as well a s famous actors and politicians from countries around the globe.

It was Dante Alighieri who told the story of the only dramatic event in the history of Moscatello: the death of Pia dei Tolomei at the end of the 13th century, killed by her despotic husband, Nello Pannochiesci, in their dwelling here in the Maremma. The ruins of Castel di Pietra are still to be found in the middle of Moscatello, on a rise which overlooks the entire property.

Deh, quando tu sarai tornato al mondo,
e riposato de la lunga via",

"Ricorditi di me, che son la Pia;
Siena mi fé, disfecemi Maremma:
salsi colui che 'nnanellata pria

disposando m'avea con la sua gemma

(Purgatorio V, 130-136i)
Castello della Pia